Streetwear is not just a trend, but a way of life. The world of streetwear brands is an endless universe of styles, colors and designs. It reflects creativity, subculture and the urban lifestyle. Discover the unique variety of streetwear brands in our shop!

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      Streetwear brands at Syltsneaker

      From the streets of New York to a global phenomenon

      Streetwear has its origins in the New York hip-hop scene in the late 1970s. Today, this fashion style has developed into a billion-dollar retail industry and is celebrated internationally. In German-speaking countries, you can also see many rappers like Bausa, Coach Bennet and Haftbefehl wearing streetwear labels like PEGADOR. We offer these labels for both women and men in our shop. PEGADOR's clothes are casual and comfortable, which means they can be perfectly combined with trendy sneakers. But you can also find the world-famous cult label Karl Kani , which was founded in 1989 in the birthplace of streetwear in New York, in our shop. The brand is often seen as a pioneer in the field of urban streetwear and is particularly known as the creator of the "baggy jean" style and has even been worn by icons such as Tupac and Biggie. If you're more into post-punk and skateboarding-inspired fashion, Eightyfive , a German streetwear label, could be the perfect choice for you. Simply click through our shop and discover your new favorite pieces!

      Design & Aesthetics of Streetwear Brands

      Streetwear is characterized by eye-catching prints, bold graphics and a loose fit. Logos and brand names or elements from skateboard and hip hop culture are also often used. The connection of streetwear with art, music and pop culture is an essential part of this style. The popularity of this "movement" can be traced back to the connection to youth culture, the emphasis on individuality and self-expression and the collaboration with well-known artists and musicians. Streetwear allows people to express their personality and affiliation to certain subcultures and also makes a statement in public. In our shop you will find a large selection of different streetwear brands that adapt to your style and taste. In order to always present fresh styles, our collection is also constantly being expanded with new brands. Browse through our shop and choose between T-shirts and hoodies, jackets, baggy jeans and many other products in premium quality.

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      In addition to Karl Kani , Eightyfive and PEGADOR, we also offer the brands Low Lights Studios , PEQUS , Upscale and Van Dutch . Of course, that's not all: you can find more brands in our online shop. Simply click through our diverse range.

      Yes! We also offer unique sneakers for the complete look. From classics like Nike Air Force to legendary Air Jordan to extravagant Yeezy, we have something for every taste.

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