Iconic sneakers that stand out from the crowd thanks to their quality, comfort and design: For over 50 years, the cult brand Nike has been inspiring people with sporty shoes that also impress as street style. If you like a casual, athletic look, a pair of Nikes definitely belongs in your shoe collection. In our Nike Sale we offer you limited products at attractive prices. Discover our exquisite selection of unique Nike shoes and order your new favorite pair directly to your home.



      Nike Sale at Syltsneaker

      The cult brand that made history

      “Just do it”: Nike sneakers are much more than simple sports shoes. They embody a way of life, tell a story and represent the perfect fusion of fashion and sport. Through collaboration with world-famous athletes, designers and the film scene, the brand managed to become an integral part of popular pop culture in the 1980s and 90s. And even today, Nike sneakers with their uniqueness and their certain something still inspire older and younger generations alike. Hardly any other sneaker combines casualness, style awareness and coolness as skilfully as Nike products. Legendary models such as the Air Jordan 1, Jordan 4, Nike Air Max, Nike Air Force and Nike Dunk are in great demand and limited releases sell out quickly. At Syltsneaker, however, you have the opportunity to find limited sneakers at a reduced price at any time. Browse through our range and find the model, color and size that suits your individual style.

      Limited shoes at attractive prices

      Stand out from the crowd with your limited Nike sneakers and find coveted collector's items that can even increase in value due to their limited availability. In addition to popular Nike Dunk models, you will also find a nice selection of other limited Nike shoes. Of course, all of our sneakers are new and unworn and go through several control procedures to ensure that they meet the highest quality standards. Each shoe is also intensively checked for authenticity and comes with an authenticity guarantee. So you can be sure that you will only find originals with us. Order on our website and benefit from fast shipping and the high quality of the products.

      Nike sneakers are among the best-selling shoes in the world. Currently, the Nike Air Max sneakers, Nike Air Force, Nike Court Royale, Nike Dunk, Air Jordan 1 (mid, low or high) and Air Jordan 4 are particularly popular.

      How expensive limited Nike sneakers are always depends on the specific model. Rare releases and popular collaborations can be many times more expensive than a regular product. At Syltsneaker, our limited Nikes start at around 140 euros. The most expensive shoe, with the discount, costs 1425.95 euros.

      If the shoes don't fit or you don't like them, you can of course send them back to us within 14 days. However, they must be clean and unworn. Simply use the returns portal in our shop.